Best Caviar

Intensive regeneration
Turbo beauty ampoule for demanding and mature skin. The extract of 100% pure fresh cell caviar, rich in proteins, lipids and vitamins, supports the skin’s microcirculation, promotes cell regeneration, increases the skin’s ability to absorb water, and smoothes wrinkles. The skin immediately appears fresher. The skin structure is strengthened at the same time, thus making the facial contours appear firmer and tauter. Apply the contents of an ampoule and massage in.




White Vision

Lightening, regenerating and beautifying for a flawless complexion
Precious active ingredient ampoule with targeted whitening effect. Natural extracts from Bellis and mulberry tree root, reinforced with Vitamin C, support the transition to a lighter complexion yet keep the skin tone even. Regenerating active ingredients improve the structure of the skin while reducing visible signs of aging. Ideal for lightening hyperpigmentation or pigmentation marks of all kinds





Effective firming
Turbo beauty ampoule with fresh, pure collagen. This ampoule creates a cushioning, firming film directly on the surface structure, making the skin contour appear smoother and younger.
The skin’s ability to absorb water is perfectly restored at the same time. This ampoule is particularly effective when the skin has become wrinkled due to external influences, such as cold and dehydration or exposure to the sun. Manually apply the ampoule contents and let them absorb into the skin. Then apply cream. Also available as a lip ampoule for more volume.




Thorough moisturizing
Turbo beauty ampoule with long-term effect for dehydrated, demanding skin. With low-molecular hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid, well-known active agent in facial anti-wrinkle injections, forms a unique link with the keratin in the stratum corneum, stores moisture and prevents loss of fluid. This enables rapid and sustained firming of the skin, optically “filling in” wrinkles and lines for immediately visible success. Apply the ampoule contents and gently massage into the skin.



Milk & Honey

Powerful treatment for skin impurities
Natural yet especially intensive treatment for all symptoms of impure skin.
Inflammation is lastingly alleviated thanks to the antibacterial and cooling effect. The acid mantle is restored to its natural state, cutting off the supply of nutrients for bacteria. Selected plant extracts promote healing of pimples and prevent formation of scaly skin. Apply the ampoule contents (to entire face or as a spot treatment) and allow them to absorb.



Multi Vitamin

Immune protection & natural anti-ageing
Perfectly combined vitamin complex with ACE- as well as F and B6, for intensive immune protection of the skin.
Naturally pure vitamins stabilize the cells and function as effective radical scavengers. The skin’s resilience is significantly increased. Wellbeing of the skin is maximized – even many days after application. Apply the ampoule contents and gently massage into the skin.





Unveiling of youthful freshness
Smoothing ampoule concentrate for instant perfecting of the complexion. The complexion immediately appears fresher and more relaxed.
Precious elements in the active ingredients increase the supply of oxygen to the skin, enabling increased formation of new cells. Uneven areas are smoothed out, shiny skin is matted. The 24-hour moisture supply corrects fine lines and leaves the skin smooth and refined. Ideal for treating the visible effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Apply contents of ampoule and massage gently into skin.



Vitamin C

Collagen booster and anti-pigment
Ampoule with a highly sensitive pure Vitamin C derivative that is transformed into Vitamin C by the skin’s own enzymes after application.
Only this way in which Vitamin C able to take effect in the deeper layers of skin as well. Vitamin C has outstanding collagen synthesizing properties, i.e. promoting the regeneration of elastic collagen fibers. Vitamin C has a superficial lightening effect, intensifying the skin’s luminosity and lending it a porcelain-like shimmer. Manually apply the ampoule contents and allow them to absorb into the skin. Then apply cream.



Golden Repair

Non-stop lifting
Luxurious beauty ampoule with pure gold and salmon caviar extract. Energy-releasing ampoule concentrate with a unique lifting effect.
Gold boosts the intercellular metabolism, releases new energy and creates a radiant appearance. Caviar and a rich repair complex pamper the skin with optimum nourishment. Demanding skin becomes supple, radiant and fresh. Distribute the contents over face, neck and décolleté.





Youth Code + Contour Control
Firming ampoules with a timeless effect for systematically combating reduced elasticity in skin tissue.
Highly effective nourishing ingredients improve the skin’s elasticity and promote cohesion of the cells and skin layers. The contours of the face immediately become firmer, suppler and more elastic. Use these ampoules to treat reduced elasticity and boost vitality. Area of application: face, chin, throat, décolleté and breasts.




Purity and firming
Crystal beauty ampoules have a firming effect and can immediately erase signs of aging.
Derived from the field of gemstone therapy, the active ingredient extract consists of pure quartz crystals in powdered format, suspended in a moisturizing medium. Quartz is made primarily of silicon, a trace element that plays an established biological role in retaining the firmness of the skin. All traces of tiredness and reduced elasticity can be systematically erased, bringing out the skin’s natural radiance. Use this ampoule to effectively showcase your natural beauty at its very best.



SOS Extrem

Instant calming of the skin
Turbo beauty ampoule with an instant effect on redness, irritations, facial couperose and allergic skin reactions.
Balances out climatic influences and stops all types of diffuse redness. Counters the occurrence and spread of facial couperose. This is a “first aid treatment” for sudden flare-ups, e.g. when the skin reacts with “hectic” blotches during treatment. Apply the ampoule contents and allow absorption into the skin. For facial couperose or very sensitive skin complexions always apply directly before massage cream.




Highly effective long-term wrinkle treatment
The intensely smoothing Argireline was specifically developed to correct expression lines.
The skin appears firmer and smoother through reduction of activity in the muscles that form expression lines. Wrinkles on forehead, corners of the mouth and eye area are perceptibly alleviated. An effect similar to that of botulinum toxin. The skin care effect is immediately visible. Apply locally to wrinkled areas and tap in well. For use as a long-term beauty treatment.



Beauté Express

Instant smoothing
Cellular and structural strengthening ampoule for an appearance as fresh as the morning dew. An ideal “party ampoule”.
The formula neutralizes free radicals and combats the effects of stress to enable healthy cell functioning and facilitate the success of active beauty agents. A dash of alcohol ensures express lifting and an instant burst of freshness. Apply to dry skin, working in with gentle plucking movements.




Traditional care for invigorating the skin
This intensive revitalizing ampoule with lotus extract was been developed specifically to make the complexion appear firmer and younger.
Demanding skin permits no compromises. Lotus extract is the secret ingredient of traditional beauty treatments in Myanmar. The stimulating floral aroma will immerse you in the magic of traditional care rituals as you bask in a sensation of pure wellness. The addition of natural collagen effectively combats wrinkles. Apply the ampoule contents and let them absorb into the skin.




Kashmir Feeling

For a fine-pored appearance
Envelopes the skin in a gentle protective cloak immediately after application, without a greasy or sticky feeling.
Visibly and perceptibly smoothes and has an exceptionally relaxing effect. The complexion appears fine-pored and soft. Increases the skin’s hydration level and gives the complexion an unparalleled silky feeling. Apply gently and let absorb into the skin.




Volume Lips

Enchanting lips
Increases lip volume and nourishes the lips with a refreshing, stimulating effect. For intensive firming of lip contours and reduction of fine lip lines.
The lips look fuller and better cared immediately after the first application. Small mimic lines around the edges of the lips are noticeably reduced. Apply the fluid generously to the lips and massage in with small circular motions. Lipstick can be applied after the fluid has been absorbed.





Save your skin!
Highly concentrated luxury ampoule with cell-protecting Q10 for a perfect complexion and targeted anti-aging treatment.
Highly concentrated luxury ampoule for a perfect complexion and targeted anti-aging. Can visibly increase cell volume. Q10 provides intensive protection for the cells, activates stressed, tired skin and promotes cell regeneration. The plumping effect works to visibly smooth fine lines. Q10 is a well-known antioxidant that can have an impact on the aging process. Ideal for mature, dry and stressed skin.



Eye Repair

Anti-wrinkle ampoule for the eye area
Highly effective ampoule for the eye zone. The new, ultra-lightweight formula noticeably firms the eye area right away, imparting new vitality and elasticity.
All traces of dryness can be systematically eliminated. Skin immediately looks smoother. Also ideal for extremely sensitive skin that does not tolerate eye creams. Gently massage into the skin with your fingertips in the morning and evening. Also ideal under eye makeup. Briefly pre-warming the ampoule in your hand will make it easier to pour and apply the contents.



Eye Sensitive

Express eye care serum
Fast-acting eye care that immediately leaves skin around the eye area looking radiantly beautiful.

The new micro-texture revitalizes and smoothes while reducing swelling at the same time. Dark circles and small lines are instantly minimized, tired-looking eyes become brighter. The delicate eye zone receives a generous supply of moisture, providing effective protection for the sensitive eye zone. Apply with the fingertips as needed and gently pat into the skin. Also ideal under eye makeup.



Aloe Vera

Works powerful against all types of skin damage
Immediately balances out all traces of dryness and tight-feeling skin.
Has an intensively soothing effect, as well as promoting the skin’s natural protection mechanism. The 100% natural aloe extract is rich in vitamins and minerals. Even demanding skin receives all nourishing elements it needs for true beauty. The successful cell and skin regeneration effect is particularly noticeable on skin that is uneven in structure, scarred or suffers from impurities. “First aid” for sunburn or for regeneration after exposure to the sun. Apply contents and let them absorb for two to five minutes.



Argan & Mango

Natural anti-ageing with precious oils and peptides
Moroccan argan oil is an important natural anti-ageing product.
Uniquely rich in alpha-tocopherol, it exhibits the strongest Vitamin E activity. Over 80% of the oil consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It prevents dehydration and skin aging. Protects against free radicals. Mango extract with natural polysaccharides and carotenoids gives the skin a firm and healthy appearance. Mango butter leaves rough skin feeling soft an new. Apply and massage well into the skin. The fruity mango aroma of mango captivates the senses.



Omega 3-6-9

Everything that healthy skin needs
Vitalizing beauty elixir with hempseed oil (omega 3), linolenic acid (omega 6), olive oil (omega 9) at a concentration of over 90%.
These herbal omega acids are known for their balancing and constructive effect on the organism and are essential to vitality and healthy skin protection. Important: This is a two-phase ampoule without emulsifying agents, shake before opening. Apply the entire contents of the ampoule and gently massage into the skin.



Anti Age

Turbo regeneration
Ultra-concentrated anti-wrinkle serum for a firming and cell regenerating effect in the deeper layers of skin.
Biological peptides strengthen the collagen layer and promote the skin’s elasticity. A phytohormone complex noticeably firms dermal tissue for verifiable reduction of wrinkles. Apply the ampoule contents and massage into the skin.





Maximum effect for increased elasticity of skin tissue elasticity
This ampoule serum was developed to reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity to the skin – just like a facelift.
Elastin is an ideal active agent for demanding or atrophic skin, poor blood circulations and for men’s skin care. Elastin prevents aging of the elastic fibers. It smoothes the surface structure, improves skin turgor and effectively prevents premature wrinkling. Apply the ampoule contents and work in well.




Quick Lift*

Turbo smoothing with algae extract
Highly concentrated beauty serum, developed for immediately visible and tangible lifting of the facial contours.
Natural sea algae proteins moisturize all the skin layers and ensure a fresh and radiant complexion. The skin immediately looks firmer. Intensive irritation-alleviating plant extracts eliminate all redness and irritations. Apply the contents of an ampoule and massage into the skin. Also suitable for intensive application as neck/ décolleté ampoule in conjunction with a firming mask and damp, -warm compresses.




Silk Wellness

Perfect wellbeing for silky look
Highly concentrated luxury ampoule for a perfect complexion as smooth as silk.
Valuable silk proteins and active agents from the world of Ayurveda medicin have an immediate smoothing effect on the skin contour and give it a perfect shimmer. Any dryness is instantly alleviated. Apply ampoule and massage into the skin. Especially suitable for a short relaxing massage.


Gelee Royal

Royal care and a true fountain of youth
Few natural active agents contain this many valuable and dynamic components!
Invigorating and vitalizing proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and folic acids make Gelee Royal an unique anti-aging serum. The natural phytohormone content has a positive effect on cell respiration and cell division. The skin receives optimum care and nourishment for amazing new elasticity. Apply the ampoule contents, distribute and gently massage into the skin.


Retinol Avocado*

Targeted cell regeneration
Beauty ampoule with pure Vitamin A-retinol with special cell regeneration properties.
The complexion is smoothed, appearing denser and firmer. Instantly improves all dry, scaly and hornified complexions and and skin with a tenency to eczema. The hornification process is normalized, the skin feels especially soft and smooth. Ideal for use as a massage ampoule and for neck treatments. Manually apply the ampoule contents and massage into the skin. This ampoule, with its rich content, is suitable for overnight care in most cases.



Premium fuel for energy and youthfulness
Ginseng, well-known to us from Oriental medicine, is one of the best agents for stopping the natural ageing process and enhancing function of the immune system.
The energizing effect stimulates the microcirculation and the skin regeneration process. Skin irritations are gently alleviated at the same time while soothing sensation enables pleasant relaxation of the skin. Apply the ampoule contents and gently massage into the skin. This ampoule is highly recommended for regeneration treatments.


Carotin Open Air*

Burst of freshness and protection for the skin
This effective active ingredient concentrate gives any type of skin a visible burst of freshness for a radiant, healthy look. Sesame proteins have a noticeable firming effect. Carotin and natural lipids support the skin’s regenerative abilities and leave it feeling noticeably refreshed and perfectly radiant. The ampoule is the ideal choice to protect the skin against the effects of the weather. Recommended for skin that looks sallow, weak or creased. Apply ampoule contents and massage into the skin as needed.



(*Exclusive to doctors only.)