Best Peel-Off Mask
Instant mask with Aloe Vera and Guaraná

The sensation of pure refreshment begins as soon as this aloe peel-off mask is applied. The effect lasts for hours thanks to guaraná extract, which has a stimulating effect similar to coffee. However, in contrast to caffeine, this stimulating substance is released gradually. The wonderful aroma of lime and mint oil enhances the cooling effect of the all-natural aloe extract. Dead skin cells are removed when the mask is peeled off, leaving the complexion feeling totally smooth and fantastically fresh. Apply a thin, even layer of mask to the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the area around the eyes. Let dry. Gently the film loose on one corner and remove the mask.
White Earth Mask
Deep cleansing, intensive soothing

The curative effects of this mask become apparent as soon as it is applied. The skin immediately feels relaxed and calm. Like blotting paper, the mask absorbs any superfluous lipids and deep cleans the skin. Deposits and excess skin cells are removed; blotches and irregularities are evened out. The complexion radiates youthful purity as soon as the mask is washed off. The skin feels refreshed and has a fine-pored, matt finish that lasts for hours. Apply mask generously, avoiding the area around the eyes. Remove the mask when it begins to dry. Massage the mask with damp fingertips and then wipe off with damp cloths.
Green Tea Mask
Energy and youthful radiance

Experience well-being and an infusion of energy! This soft, gentle mask refreshes and animates both the skin and the senses. It deeply nourishes mature and demanding skin, as well as protecting against wrinkles and aging from UV exposure. Coenzyme Q10 further intensifies this effect. You can feel your skin rejuvenating, becoming stronger and smoother, as soon the mask is applied. The enticing, delicately fresh fragrance of lemon grass enhances the sensation of well-being. Apply the mask to the face, neck and décolleté (incl. eyes and lips). Let the mask absorb well. After ten minutes, remove with a damp cloth.
Amber Peeling Mask
Precious Face Rub

Exceptional facial peeling rub with granules of real amber. Removes excess build-up of dead cells, cleanses and peels the skin. Cleans and peels the pores to minimize irregularities in the skin. Natural vitamin oils have a highly positive effect on the skin, helping it to store moisture. Amber is said to have special healing, disinfecting, calming and harmonizing powers. It feels sensuous and warm to the touch. Amber is the only precious stone made from plant material. An ancient treasure, many millions of years old, amber is actually fossilized pine resin.