Instant smoothing of expression lines

Elixir for lifting results in record time: Acmella oleracea extract is a natural, vegetable-based active ingredient that the latest cosmetic research has shown to visibly smooth expression lines by targetedly relaxes the facial features.

Acmella oleracea is and exotic plant also referred to as paracress. In the region around the Indian Ocean, Acmella oleracea is known as “Mefane” and is used as a medicinal plant. Our active ingredient comes from the island of Le Reunion.

Fine lines around the eyes, forehead, nose and mouth are visibly smoothed. These lines are created by thousands of involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles. The spilanthol in Acmella oleracea triggers rapid and reversible muscle relaxation.

Application: Apply several drops to the face, neck and décolleté and gently pat in. Extended treatment for at least one skin cycle (approx. 28 days) is recommended.