Beauty treatment for a new age.

MesOrange is an advanced medical beauty serum based on minerals, rare B vitamins and orange blossom oil. Minerals such as zinc, calcium and copper boost cell activity and have a special plumping effect. Small lines instantly become smooth again.

The precious vitamins B3, B6 and B7 (niacinamide, pyridoxin and biotin) activate and support cell regeneration, strengthen the cell structure and supply the skin with moisture. As a result, MesOrange is able to control the skin’s aging process. It fills in small lines and can increase the density of the collagen tissue. It is also ideal for uneven skin tone and deeper wrinkles, as well as for supporting treatment with cosmetic instruments.

Application: With instrument-based treatment – depending on skin condition, apply one to two pipettes full of MesOrange to the face and neck and gently massage into the skin. Manual – apply half of a pipette full of MesOrange to face and neck and gently massage in.

Mesotherapy is a type of treatment in which active substances can be inserted deep below the surface of the skin. Meso-cosmetics can provide targeted support for this treatment. Ultrasound treatments can also play a key role in the success of skin care. The permeability of the skin barrier and the cell membranes is increased. The cells are able to absorb more moisture, and small-molecule active substances penetrate the skin faster and deeper.