Cuskin History

Cuskin is the best cosmeceutical corporation in Korea that develops and retails a cosmetic line for troubled skin based on clinical research for 12 years. Cuskin stands for Clean Up Dermatology. It helps actual skin improvement rather than simple skincare. Cuskin Corporation Ltd is a biotech company committed to cytokine and growth factor R&D and skin science including the nano-capsulationtechnology. Our cytokines and growth factors developed through biotechnology are the most effective anti-aging and anti-hair loss ingredients. This is well supported by many well-known research groups and scientific journals. On top of this, our nano-capsulation technology enhances effectively the penetration into the skin and improves the stability of ingredients. The growth factors combined with the nano-capsulation technology make it possible to recover from the skin aging and enhance aesthetic appearance. Video:
CU Camphor Milk Cleanser 240ml Camphor that soothes inflammation and works anti-fungal is effective for treatment of troubled and oily skin. This is a velvety soft lotion cleanser. Leaving the skin soft, smooth, moisturized and light.
AV Free Clean Foam Cleanser 150ml This is a low stimulus cleanser made by botanical natural ingredients that is effective for treatment for troubled and sensitive skin that have much sebum secretion and it is a cleanser for pore management for oily and troubled skin. It also protects damaged skin and helps maintain a healthy skin by using cleansing ingredients that are near skin PH level and subacid amino-acid.
Hydro Foam Cleanser 200ml This is a moisturizing cleanser that contains major ingredients like Honey, Milk, Coconut oil and Soybean. Honey contains Amino acid, Organic acid and Mineral neccessary for the skin and turning dried and tired skin gently into a healthy and moisturized skin!
Washable Oil Cleanser 200ml A convenient liquid type and contains herbal oil (Lavender, Peppermint, Finetree, Argania oil) and vegetable oil (Oilve, Jojoba, Macadamia, Meadowfoamseed oil). It removes up to heavy makeup and waste in pore gently without having any stimulus to the skin. Keeping the skin feeling light, neat and clean.
Nature Renew Cream (NEW) This eye cream has been formulated with natural ingredients for the vulnerable and sensitive skin near the eyes. A special product designed to address complex skin concerns in the eye zone and enhance resilience.
Hydro Energzing Cream Ceramide ingredient is absorbed fast and relives a trouble factor, with containing of rosemary and natural moisture factor, it delivers abundant nutrition and moisture to the deep skin, provides the skin as moist and healthy.
Dr MK Vitamin U Cream 50ml As a wrinkle functionality cream that contains a high concentration methylmethionine, tripeptide (botox ingredient), the ingredient of EGF, Omega3 provides a healthy condition to the damaged and weak skin.
Dr MK Vitamin U Serum 5ml x 4 vialsl With a multi lotion for the moisture of dry, sensitive skin type and the reinforcement of nutrition, skin structure, the ingredient of ceramide and EFG has an intensive moisture and a powerful skin protection work so it enables to return as a moist and vital skin.