Dione Products

Microdermabrasion Cream

Introducing an effective medical skin peel technique with “Microdermabrasion ceam” containing microscopic jewel crystals which are effective in gently scrubbing away dead skin cells to reveal a new younger complexion.







Bio Cellulose Stem Cell Mask

Bio Cellulose Stem Cell Mask is clinically tested and specifically formulated for the relief of damaged skin following dermatological procedures such as peeling, MTS, IPL, Fraxel, CO2 and other associated laser treatments.

EX-C After Cream

This specialized cream serves as an after-care solution for excessively sensitized skin following clinical treatment or exfoliation. EX-C After Cream soothes stimulated skin effectively by helping skin tissues’ healing process and restoring skin balance.

U Modeling Mask

U Modeling Mask is a modeling mask item which gives cooling effect on skin with soft affinity to skin. Also, the product maintains resilient skin by supplying nutrients.
It contains Vitamin U, which would rearrange collagen, which forms skin protein. Diatomite of the modelling mask contains various minerals and is excellent in absorbing impurities by emitting far-infrared radiation. It helps blood circulation and also soothes and moisturizes the skin.
Vitamin U helps for lifting the wrinkle by the regeneration action of skin cell with the concentration, refinement and adding of a new material as methylmethionine which is extracted from cabbage and broccoli and tryp peptide. With improving the skin moisture rapidly, it helps a collagen regeneration, promotes skin regeneration and supplies enough oil and moisture to the dry skin.







Hydro Essence Soothing Mask

Hydro Essence Soothing Mask is a hydrating whitening and soothing mask containing. Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Extract which are effective from sun damage and pollution.

Suitable for all skin types