Repair Cream

Repair Cream

This specialized cream serves as an after-care solution for excessively sensitized skin following clinical treatment or exfoliation. Repair Cream soothes stimulated skin effectively by helping skin tissues’ healing process and restoring skin balance.

How to Use:

Apply Repair Cream immediately on oversensitive skin even after medical treatment.
For quick recovery, occasionally apply ever 2-3 hours for the first day, then every 4-6 hours for 7-10 days after medical treatment.

Key Ingredients:

-> EGF – skin cell regeneration, elasticity improvement
-> Vitamin U – skin cell regeneration, anti-wrinkle
-> Ceramide – moisturizing effect
-> Chlorella Extract – moisturizing effect, anti-oxidant effect
-> Egg York Extract – moisturizing effect

Other information:


-> Volume: 15ml
-> Skin Types: All
-> Benefits: Skin suppression, skin regeneration
-> Concern: Skin stimulation