Mini IPL


The Mini IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) can be used for unwanted hair removal and skin care treatments. It is done in a completely safe manner as IPL uses the pulsed light at the wavelengths in the visible ray zone of 400 to 1200nm, which is similar to natural light. It creates a semi-permanent hair removal effect by destroying the hair follicle with light energy and various skin care effects depending of the wave length of the light and absorption are of the skin. It improves the overall skin condition of the user by increasing collagen and extracting melanin pigments.

1) Trendy Product Design
It has a well-balanced, simple and clean design to fit anywhere indoors and it enhances usability by offering the front mirror and a cable guide for easy storage.

2) Built in temperature detecting sensor in hand piece.
If the device’s temperature rises to certain degrees, the system will automatically stop running for your safety and it will automatically return to a usable state again after recovering to a general temperature.

3) Bluetooth audio support
The world’s 1st bluetooth audio support with 2-channel stereo speakers. Also the 1st smart IPL system with the voice guidance system.

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