JUNOLUX system is a finest Intense Pulsed Light system. The Unique function of this system is specially developed by high technology cable to function 2 different types of TONING modes; [D-Toning] and [Photo-Toning]. D-Toning uses fast and continuous shots which results in creating high density but low fluence shots of safe treatment. Photo-Toning uses Multiple pulse technology which can emit up to 40Hz. It also have a cable to control OFF-Time between pulses so that practitioner can adjust the power and pulse duration according to the patient's individual condition more precisely. Many options for Hair Removal treatment are available for Junolux, such as a Contact Cooling Handpiece and a Wide spot size Filters. The Contact Cooling Handpiece is to reduce pain and to increase efficiency on Hair Removal Treatment. The Wide Filter has a big spot size, so it reduces the time of the treatment.


  • 1) Treatment Navigation System
  • It records all treatment data as it goes, such as mode, pulse kind, pulse duration and energy intensity, so it easy to track down the previous treatment and to navigate the right protocols done to the specific patient.
  • 2) Innovative Graphic User-Interface
  • Precisely designed GUI enables to operate JUNOLUX quick and easy. This simple but powerful software program allows the practitioner to control the right parameter promptly without any trouble during treatment.
  • 3) Modularized Components, Easy A/S Service
  • Internal parts of JUNOLUX are designed to be built as a separate module, which makes the maintenance easy. Flash lamp in the handpiece can also be easily replaced to save cost and time.


    1) Facial Brightening
  • 2) Skin Rejuvenation
  • 3) Pigmentation
  • 4) Hair Removal
  • 5) Rosacea