About Us

Dione International Group Pte Ltd was set up in 2009 to start off her Aesthetics Skincare distribution business with the first marketing office in Singapore. Dione became the exclusive distributor for the following brands:

Dione (France, Switzerland, Korea & Singapore)
Nouveau en Beauté (France)

Currently, we are distributing the complete range from the above brands mainly to dermatologists, skin doctors and plastic surgeons in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Other than this, we also distribute to Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia and United States.

Our consistent service is what makes us different. Our pricing of products is very competitive to other brands and in fact comparing to some of the brands, we are slightly cheaper. To us, “Service is paramount”. Before sales and after sales services are important. It determines our repeated orders as well as our reputation.

We will take into consideration every single detail and remember them. We even remember individual nurses and doctors’ birthday. This includes anniversary too. Our clients love it! They like the personal service that we render to them and we look forward to building a long term working relationship with our existing and new clients.

We will continue to improve, upgrade and be innovative so as to be able to provide the best to all our clients.

As of 2015, Dione International Group Pte Ltd has become a member of Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). Our Social Mission is to provide employment opportunities to person with disabilities, supporting them in building a career suitable to their physical conditions.

Our Commitment:
We are committed to delivering only the best and premium quality aesthetic skincare products together with excellent service to all our clients locally and worldwide. We adhere to stringent selections of only the best products, as well as constant updates and improvements. Laboratory Excellence

DIONE R&D has 12 years of experience in medical aesthetic cosmetic formulation and production. We partner with the first France laboratory to receive the ECOCERT certification of natural production. We strive for Excellence, Quality, Consistency and Innovation.