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Milk Cleanser 150ml

This milk cleanser effectively removes makeup and excess oil. It has a non-abrassive and non-irritable formula which leaves the skin refreshed and soft.

Main ingredient : Camphor






Cleanser 150ml

A facial foaming cleanser that refreshens, softens and rejuvenates the skin. It consists of Licorice extract which lightens the skin naturally.






Toner 150ml

Vitamin C+ toner consists of L-Ascorbic acid which add radience to your skin. It also consist of Witch Hazel which minimises pores. This toner provides adequate moisture to balance out the skin and reduces the appearance of fine line wrinkles.






C++ Serum 50ml

This C++ Serum is made from the combination of water and oil soluable forms of Vitamin C , using the lastest nanotechnology. It restores stability in the epidermis for the fastest brightening effect.

Main ingredients : Ascorbic Acid & Lecithin






Melanin Cream 15ml

A natural and hydroquinone free, melano synthesis controller that inhibits melasma genesis and brightens the skin.






Eye Gel 15ml

A revolutionary and revitalizing B-tox-like eye gel with microencapsulate of multivitamin A, C and E. It reduces wrinkles, fine-lines and puffiness as well as fades dark circles around the eyes.

Day Cream 50ml

A Day Cream that consists of SPF60 sunscreen which give an ultra protection against the sun.






Cream 50ml

This cream contains a purified Licoric extract – PT40, one of the best active, natural whitening substances around. Combining multiple active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Mulberry extract and Green tea extract, it creates a dramatic whitening results.






Sunblock SPF60 30ml

An ultra protective sunscreen (SPF60) combined with a whitening agent to provide an added brightening effect to the skin. SPF60, PA+++provides long lasting protection from UV Ray damage. It also contains anti Melasma properties which helps to brighten dull skin for a radiant complexion.

Main ingredients : Bacillus Ferment & Aloe Barbadensis






BB+ SPF30 30ml

This BB Cream is an all in one combination of toner, brightener, softener and sunscreen. It is light on the skin, yet easliy covers up imperfections while simultaneously making the skin look brighter and healthier. With it, you can look perfect without having to put on excessive layers of make up.

Main ingredients : Ginseng & Arbutin

Mask Cream 50ml

This whitening mask cream contains pure vitamin C which effectively brightens your skin.