Sapphire Crystal Laser

The handle piece can shoot 10 million times.


  1. Permanent hair removal, better than IPL, and E-light, Remove hair on different part of body effectively. Such as armpit hair, beard, lip hair, hair line, bikini line, body hair and other unwanted hair.
  2. Also Relieve symptoms of speckle, spider lines, red birthmark and so on.


  1. With Sapphire Crystal on the treatment head that can be used forever without replacement;
  2. Powerful semiconductor cooling, air cooling and water cooling can ensure longer working time.
  3. Water cycle & water temperature checking system and powerful abstractor extend the service life and safety for the machine;
  4. Short treatment time and quick recovery have little effect on patients’ daily work.
  5. Advanced flash computer calculator xenon lamp computer calculator system always show how many flashes you have used.
  6. Easier installation: plug-and-play connectors.
  7. Minimum energy loss: ceramic silver-gilt lumen reflect diffuse light onto laser rod to produce stronger power.
  8. Medical CE approval, ISO9001:2008.