HIFU Machine

The HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Machine is an intensive ultrasound therapeutic device for skin lifting utilising the HIFU technology. Ultrasound is harmless to the human body and generates heat only on the spot where the ultrasound is intensively focused, so it can deliver strong heat energy to the deep skin without using any knife or needle and with little irritation to the 3~4mm-depth epidermis. The energy generated at this time induces collagen’s active production, so inducing the the generation of epidermis and dermis at the same time. This is a new concept ultrasound technology for skin lifting.
1) Auto Calibration function
To maintain optimised ultrasound power
2) Triple effect at once
SMAS contraction, collagen remodelling and elastine fiber contraction in one single treatment.
3) Linear actuator
Quick procedure at high speed and make accuracy aim of operating lesion.