Filling & Packing Services

Filling and Packing for Skin Care and Supplement Tablets in Singapore

We offer filling and packing service to clients to save the cost. You can bring your skincare or health supplement tablets products to us as well as your semi-products like packaging box, packaging and bulk to us for filling and packing in our factory.

With our fully automatic machine, we provide the filling and packing services for clients who want to assemble the products in Singapore. We can offer a contract filling and packing service for a wide range of textures like cream, gel and liquid products using jars, tubes and bottles. We also have the latest Pharmaceutical Graded Tablet Packing machine which we can pack your tablets in blister form; blister form packaging is much more pristine and can command a premium price as compared to packing your tablets in bottles.

Our contract packing services cater for any size or style of product. Our cosmetics packing machine is capable to produce 1,000,000 pieces monthly. The packing volume ranges from 3ml to 1000ml and blisters packaging in 10 tablets per blister card.

Common Types of Containers we fill: