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12 April 2021

Stay Hydrated with Dione The Ideal Lab, L56 Blanche Anti-Age

Our skin is the largest of the human’s body. It’s the first defence against harm’s way. Therefore, we have to treat it with the utmost care to keep our defence system strong and looking youthful. However, as we age, our skin cells will generate slower. An example of decreased generation in our bodies would be Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is found in our skin. It helps us holds water and keep the skin hydrated. Like collagen and elastin, the hyaluronic acid produce by our bodies decreases the older we get. Thus, we need to replenish it with external hyaluronic acid. This external hyaluronic acid comes in the form of skincare serums or as ingredients of various skincare products. An example would be L56 Blanche Anti-age from Dione The Ideal Lab. 

Dione The Ideal Lab

Dione The Ideal Lab is an aesthetics skincare distributor that mainly distribute their products to dermatologists, skin doctors and plastic surgeons in Singapore. Their high-quality products could be purchased directly from their shop or on Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.

Previously, I introduced Dione the Ideal Lab Series skincare bundle that includes a Hyaluron Serum, Apple Stem Cell Serum, Blanche Anti-Age Cream, Guérir la Peau Supplements and Blanche Anti-Age Bio Cellulose Stem Cell Masque. This is a no-fuss skincare set that provides you with the basics of what you need to get your skincare routine started. 

For those who are looking for a more concentrated serum for your severely dry skin, the L56 Blanche Anti-age is for you. 


The L56 Blanche Anti-Age is a serum that has 56 active ingredients in it. It helps reinvigorate the skin, protects against UV-damage and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is good for balancing the moisture level of your skin while regenerating new skin cells. Additionally, it helps hydrate dry skin too. It is clinically tested, 100% natural and does not have any parabens, alcohol or fragrance. It’s also derived from plants. 

Each box contains 10 glass vials. Each vial is 6ml and can last for almost 2 weeks with 4 to 5 drops per usage, 2 times a day.


The L56 Blanche Anti Age is sealed in an internally sterile glass vial. That means that this is the cleanest and freshest skincare product that you will be using in your life. Since the product comes in small doses, the vials that were not used remains new and sanitary, unexposed to any of the elements in the world.


How to open L56 Blanche Anti-Age sealed glass vials

  1. Pull off the plastic cover at the top, revealing the metal part. The plastic cover should also pull off a bit of the metal cover at the side.
  2. For safety reasons, I would recommend you to use a plier at this stage. Use a plier and remove the metal part from the glass vial.
  3. You’ll see a rubber cover left. Pluck out the rubber cover. 
  4. Take the rubber nozzle from the box and fit it over the open glass vial. It will take some wiggling but it will fit like a glove. 
  5. It should look like this when the rubber nozzle is tightly fitted. Remove the white cap on the nozzle when using. 
  6. To get the product out, you have to squeeze the sides of the rubber nozzle. Replace the white cap on the rubber nozzle when not in use.

Of the 10 vials, you’ll get 2 rubber nozzles so you are to reuse them. You could also reuse these glass vials for DIYs and display purposes once you check out my quick tutorial on how to remove the silk screen printing from the glass.



The L56 Blanche Anti-Age is a handy travel-sized serum that is easy to use and keep. It is light weighted and cool upon touch. The serum is not sticky after absorption and it makes the area feel smooth and refreshing. It smells like hyaluronic acid. When in contact with dry skin, one instantly feels moisturized once absorbed. 



As I had gone through the 14 days with Dione the Ideal Lab skincare routine before I tried the L56 Blanch Anti-Age, my skin was in good shape when I started trying out the L56 Blanche Anti-Age. Aside from the hormonal acne on the side of my face, I did not have much to complain about.



It took almost 2 weeks to finish 1 glass vial. I was using the serum twice a day, every single day without fail. Upon further inspection, my face did look slightly fairer. This was a surprising discovery to me for I’ve always thought that the main focus of this serum is to increase the hydration level of my skin. In an extension of that, my previously dry U-zone felt much more hydrated and lively. In the past, areas of my cheeks will feel tight by the end of the day. However, using the L56 Blanche Anti-age have maintained the hydration level of my skin throughout the day.

I am currently on my fourth vial of L56 Blanche Anti-Age and my skin has never felt so plump. It’s soft, it’s healthy and it almost feels like I have a water park underneath my skin.  


​​​​​​You can get the L56 Blanche Anti-age from Dione International’s online shop. You can also check out more about Dione International Singapore on their Facebook and Instagram