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27 April 2021

Dione International SOIE Calming Silk Mask Review

Having sensitive skin is no fun. You can’t use many products off shelves and you do not know which product will trigger your skin. With Dione The Ideal Lab, I do not need to have such worries. Previously, I tried out their L56 Blanche Anti-age and Dione The Ideal Lab Skincare set. In this post, I reviewed Dione The Ideal Lab Soie Calmer Mask, the perfect calming mask for sensitive skin.

Dione The Ideal Lab is an aesthetics skincare distributor that distribute their products to dermatologists, skin doctors and plastic surgeons in Singapore. Their high-quality products could be purchased directly from their shop or on Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.

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SOIE Calming Silk Mask soothes sensitive skin, reduce redness and irritation; The mask has a calming and cooling effect. It also reduces inflammation, improves facial paralysis and heals skin damage. It is free from alcohol, parabens, fragrances, PEG and SLS.

Soie Calmer Mask contains skin-repairing ingredients like EGF and Peptide to stimulate skin growth and heal. The masks are made in France and there are 3 pieces of mask in a box. The mask sheets are made of silk protein. Silk protein has excellent anti-inflammatory and repair effects. 

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The mask is as thin as one’s skin and hugs my face like a glove. It comes with a backing sheet to support it. Upon opening the mask, it has a slight tea tree oil scent to it. It felt cooling after spreading it evenly on my face.

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Before usage, my complexion was dry and dull. I have sensitive and dry skin around my cheeks so that area often looks red.

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My skin is have calmed down and is no longer red. I also feel hydrated and my skin felt chilly. The previously dry and itchy areas are no longer feel like that. After using, my skin was plump, moist and calmed.

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All in all, SOIE Calming Silk Mask is the perfect perk me up for my combination-sensitive skin. It is easy to use plus it helps hydrate and calm one’s skin down.